10 Children’s Home-Made Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

What should the children get for Granny and Grandad this Christmas? Most grandparents don’t want any more possessions. And let’s face it, Christmas is expensive enough. The perfect answer is a home crafted present which Nanna and Grandpa will treasure for ever.
Plus, making a Christmas craft will keep your hyper-excited child occupied for an hour!

Here are ten easy (and cheap!) present ideas for your children to make this Christmas.

  1. Add paint and glitter to a pine cone. Tie on a loop of ribbon to make a simple Xmas tree decoration.
  2. Frame hand prints and foot prints – perfect from babies and toddlers.
  3. Make a loom band keyring – the ideal present from a loom band crazy child.
  4. Mould fruits out of marzipan then “paint” with food colouring.
  5. Thread together white paper snowflakes to make a Christmas garland.
  6. Shape homemade peppermint creams into Christmas trees.
  7. Draw a “portrait” of Grandad with a Christmas hat on.
  8. Write a “poem” about Grandma.
  9. Let your toddler splodge paint and glitter on card. Then cut the prettiest bits into bookmarks.
  10. Decorate a cardboard picture frame. Glue on a photo of the little one with Granny & Grandad.

And for the finishing touch … wrap your child’s homemade present in tissue paper decorated with Chrismassy potato prints!

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