10 Father’s Day Presents Kids Can Make Themselves

Thinking of a present to give Dad on Father’s Day can be a challenge!

Here are 10 ideas for simple gifts children can make for Dad on Father’s Day. They hardly cost anything and Dad will appreciate them much more than something bought in a shop.

Father’s Day Coupons
Make Dad some coupons he can cash in for his favourite things: breakfast in bed, a cuddle, favourite story, football in the park, bring dad a snack …

Hand prints
Even tiny babies can give Daddy a framed hand print.

Write a special message for Daddy onto a strip of card. Decorate with a theme Daddy will love (bikes, footballs, cakes!).

Retro Sweetie Jar
Fill an empty jar with Dad’s favourite sweets and add a special label. (Ask Grandma what Dad’s favourite sweets were when he was a child.)

“Portrait” of Daddy
Draw a picture of Daddy. Don’t forget to sign and date it for when you are famous!

Personalised teeshirt
Buy a plain t-shirt and use fabric pens to decorate it with all Dad’s favourite stuff.

Photo Collage
Print off a photo from every year you’ve shared so far. Arrange in a homemade frame.

King Daddy Crown
Make & decorate a cardboard crown for Dad to wear ALL day!

Surprise Picnic
Put together a picnic of Dad’s favourite foods and go for a day out.

Memory Box
Paint a box or jar bright colours and label it “Memories”.  Add a few items to him started – ticket stubs, photos, pebble from holiday …

If you have any other great ideas for kids’ make-your-own Father’s Day presents, please post them on Kidsguide’s Facebook page.

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