10 fruit and veg children can easily grow themselves

Spring is here so it’s the perfect time to let your child get their hands dirty and start growing their own food.

With the increasing awareness of  the need for children to eat healthily, one trick to encourage children to eat more vegetables is to let them grown their own. It’s also a fun way to learn about where food comes from as well as develop knowledge about the environment. And it’s the perfect excuse for them to stick their fingers in some mud!

There are lots of different fruit, vegetables and herbs to choose from and you can easily order seeds online or just pick up them up from the seasonal aisle in the supermarket. Don’t worry if you’ve not grown anything before, simply follow the instructions on the back of the packet. Choose fruit and vegetables your child enjoys, or maybe something you’d like them to eat!

The main problem is choosing what to grow so here are a few tips:

Don’t over do it. Just try two or three things, that way you won’t be overwhelmed and they’ll be easy to look after.

Think about colour, flavour, scent and and texture. What will appeal most to your child? Bright colours, sweet flavour, scented leaves or a crunchy texture?

Where are you going to grow them? Pumpkins need lots of sunshine and lots of space. Raspberries are easy and delicious but the stems are prickly so plant them somewhere out of the way. If space is tight, strawberries and tomatoes can be grown in any small sunny spot such as patio or balcony. Herbs and lettuce don’t even need that, a sunny windowsill will do.

Pick things which as easy, fun and quick to grow. Mixed salad leaves might not be your child’s favourite thing to eat but they will germinate in a week or two and be ready to eat in about 6 weeks which is very satisfying. On the other hand, pumpkins will take most of the year but that can’t be many things as fun to grow – imagine carving your own pumpkin at Halloween!

If you don’t have time to sow seeds this spring, don’t give up, you can buy small “plug plants” which you just pop in the ground – instant plants!

As, ever, the trick is to let your child feel in control. You can give them ideas but let your child pick what they want to grow.

Here are our suggestions for fruit and vegetables which are fun and easy for kids to grow. Why not let your child pick two or three to sow this spring?


Cherry tomatoes








Mixed salad leaves



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