10 Mother’s Day gifts children can make at home


Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday 22nd March

Nothing says “I love you Mum” as much as a home made gift. Children will love making a Mother’s Day present as much as Mum (or Grandma) will enjoy receiving it.

So here are some simple Mother’s Day gift ideas for children to make at home. They are all cheap or free to make and mainly use things you already have around the house. Not only that but all these gift ideas can be adjusted to be made by toddlers or older kids.


Finger print picture
You just need some colourful paint and some card or one of those little canvas blocks you can buy in craft shops. Babies and toddlers could make whole hand prints. Older kids could use fingerprints to make flower shapes or cute little stick people. One day you’ll look back at the tiny prints and be amazed how small they are! This idea can also be used to make a mother’s day card.

Paper flowers
Make paper flowers with colourful tissue paper and some paper straws or lollipop sticks for stems. Arrange in a vase or wrap in cellophane or wrapping paper like a proper bouquet.

Book mark
These can be as simple as a cardboard strip lovingly scribbled on by a toddler or something more sophisticated like a piece of cross stitch by an older child.

Portrait of Mum
Who wouldn’t love a framed masterpiece of themselves or even the whole family drawn by a young child?

Photo collage
Print off a selection of family photos and glue them onto a piece of card to bring back some family memories.

Painted pebble family
Find a pebble for each member of the family and paint them as a family of hedgehogs or ladybirds. Varnish them after to make sure they keep their good looks.

Personalised word art
Get a large piece of card and cut it into a heart shape.  Write in coloured felt tip pens words that are important to you: names of family members and pets, Mum’s favourite places and activities, reasons why Mum is special etc. Write words in different sizes and at different angles for an artistic effect.

Decorated notebook
Take a plain covered notebook and glue a photo of Mum and child in the middle. Then glue buttons, mini pompoms or pretty material scraps all around the edge as a frame.

Butterfly flower pot
Paint a plain flowerpot with little bees and butterflies. Plant up with a scented hyacinth or some cheery tête-à-tête daffodils which are available everywhere this time of year.

Jam jar promises
Write some promises on pieces of paper,  fold them up and put them in a jam or mason jar. Promises could include “I owe you a hug”,  “I will keep my room tidy for a week” or “Breakfast in bed”. Finish with a gift label and a fabric top to cover the lid.

Mother’s Day crown
Mum is queen for the day. Make Mum a cardboard crown and decorate with shiny stickers, paper flowers or glitter. Crown Mum in a ceremony and let her rule the day!


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