10 Tips for a Successful Family Picnic

A picnic can be a great way to entertain the children cheaply, and get some fresh air at the same time. It all sounds easy enough but if you don’t do a little basic planning, it can all go horribly wrong – no one wants burnt noses, insect bites or cold, wet toddlers. To make sure your family picnic is one for the scrapbook rather than the scrapheap, we’ve put together a quick checklist.

1. Check the weather forecast – don’t be put off if the weather isn’t perfect, just make sure you have the right clothes/umbrella/windbreak.

2. Choose somewhere with built-in entertainment – a sandy beach, a stream to throw pebbles in or a nearby playground would all do nicely.

3. Take sunscreen. Put some on before you go and take more with you for topping up. Don’t forget the sunhat!

4. Take lots of water – if it’s hot you’ll need it and it’s more thirst-quenching than juice.

5. Protect yourself against the wee beasties (insects not children) – invest in insect repellent and after-sting soother.

6. If your child suffers from hay fever, don’t forget the antihistamines.

7. Take simple finger food everyone likes and which travels well – mini sausages, grapes, cheese cubes, cucumber wedges, bread sticks, plain biscuits (not melty chocolate). Fresh air makes you hungry so take lots but keep items small – cut sandwiches into quarters so it doesn’t matter if one or two get dropped in the sand.

8.  Take a change of clothes – if there’s a way to get wet and muddy, kids will find it!

9. Leave the electronics at home. Instead pack a ball or a game to play with but don’t forget to take something for quiet time too –  maybe a book or some colouring.

10. Picnic blankets make life much more comfortable and double as a “table” to keep food clean. Those ones that fold up with a little carrying handle are perfect and only cost about a fiver – a great investment.

So now you’re ready to go – have fun!

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