5 Easter weekend traditions your family will love

Easter is a time when families get together to enjoy the long weekend and probably eat far too much chocolate!

But you can’t eat chocolate all weekend (really!) so here are some lovely family activities you can do to make some special Easter memories with your children. You never know, you might all enjoy them so much that they turn into family traditions you’ll want to repeat year after year.


Egg decorating

It satisfying to make some seasonal crafts to keep the little ones busy in the run up to Easter day. Fortunately, egg decorating can be done by small children right through to teenagers and adults so everyone will be happy. Just hard boil some eggs (do a few spares to allow for breakages) and leave for at least an hour to cool down ready to be handled. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your eggs and you can use any paints, glue, glitter or bits and pieces to you have languishing in the bottom of your craft box. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our easy Easter egg decorating ideas.

Egg rolling

As soon as your eggs are dry they are ready for egg rolling. Ideally, you need a grassy slope, but a slide in the garden or any stretch of outdoor space will do. Don’t try it indoors – it will get messy! The idea is to roll your eggs and see whose gets the furthest. If you’re not too rough the first time, you can pick up your eggs and have a few more goes making up different categories: whose egg cracks first; who can do the silliest throw; rolling with your eyes shut; whose egg lasts longest etc.

Easter egg hunt

There are dozens of organised Easter egg hunts and trails across the region which make a lovely excuse for a day out. Better still, hold your own Easter egg hunt in your house, garden or even a local park. Any teenagers who are “too old” to join in can be recruited to hide the eggs.  If you have some very young children taking part, it might be best to put them in teams with older kids. Before the hunt begins, make it clear that all the eggs will be equally divided up at the end, although the winner who finds the most eggs can have first pick. Most children will find this fair as long as they know the rules before they start.

Crispy chocolate nests

Easter chocolate nests are an easy and fun recipe perfect to pass time if it’s rainy at Easter or as a gift to take if you’re invited to someone’s house. Start by putting paper cases into a 12-hole fairy cake tin. Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Break up a 200g bar of milk chocolate into squares and melt it gently with two tablespoons of golden syrup and 50g of butter in the warm bowl. Once the chocolate has melted and the ingredients mixed, remove from the heat, being wary of any drops of hot water dripping from the bottom of the bowl.  Carefully fold in 75g of rice crispies or cornflakes until they are all coated with chocolate. Spoon into the paper cases and make a small dip in the middle of each one. Leave to cool in the fridge until the chocolate sets. Then pop a few coloured mini chocolate eggs into each nest.

Easter bunny egg trail

Add even more excitement to Easter morning by laying an Easter Bunny trail to the hidden Easter eggs. The night before Easter Day, lay a trail of wrapped mini chocolate Easter eggs (not if you have a dog!) or a trail of paper bunny footprints from your child’s bedroom door to where you’ve hidden the Easter eggs. In the morning, claim you’ve just seen the Easter Bunny outside and see your child’s excitement as they follow the trail to the Easter eggs!


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