Additional featured listings half price!

A featured listing on one page is £12.99 per month. If you take a second featured listing it is half price – only £6.49/month.

How this could help boost your business?
Try a new region

If you are a face painter in North Cheshire with one featured listing on the “party entertainers Cheshire page” for £12.99 and you’d like to expand your business, you could also have a featured ad on the Manchester page for a total of only £19.48 for both ads! This doubles your exposure for only a small extra cost.

Promote a different aspect of your business

Your soft play centre has an ad on “indoor play centres Liverpool” page. You could take two additional ads on the “party venues” and “rainy day ideas” page,  tripling your exposure for a monthly total for all three ads of just £25.96!

No commitment – give it a go for a couple of months …

Remember you can cancel or make changes at any time so you could try the additional ad for two or three months and then cancel it if it doesn’t work for you.

To try an additional ad at half price, please email