Alphatots – Frolicking Fun Phonics for 1-4s!

Altrincham, Sale, Worsley

Fun, active, and educational sessions! Alphatots classes are a perfect blend of entertaining activities for little ones which help them learn important skills on the path towards reading and writing. There are 3 types of sessions to choose from, so whatever stage of development your toddler or preschooler is at we have something to suit!

– Alphatots Sound-Bites for 1-4s: Enchanting and playful sessions that stimulate little minds and ears as we introduce little ones to different worlds of sounds and senses each week. They’ll be mesmerised by funny sound effects, tickled pink by friendly puppets, excited by the Magic Box, fascinated by our themed stories, delighted with the jingly-jangly instruments, and entertained by our lively songs! All our stimulating activities help the children develop phonological awareness (the early years foundation skills needed for learning to read), as well as developing social skills such as turn-taking and confidence-building.

– Alphatots Phonics for 2-4s: more active sessions that introduce the children to a new letter sound each week. These classes often benefit the grown-up accompanying the child just as much, as they learn how to support their child at home with reading the alphabet! Activities may include scavenger hunts, physical games, songs, stories, and crafts. Children learn to not only recognise the shape and sound of the letters but also boost their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help them with future writing ability.

– Alphatots Wordsmiths for 3-5s: The next level in frolicking phonics fun! Come and play with Ronnie Robot and friends as they learn to read three-letter words and digraphs (the sounds that combinations of certain letters make, like ‘oo’)! These super-fun classes are for children who are already confident in knowing all the sounds of the alphabet, and moves them onto the exciting next level of being able to read all by themselves! As with our other Alphatots classes, there are no desks in sight – this is still all about having fun so we’ll be running around finding mystery objects, meeting friendly creatures, singing silly songs, and playing creative games. Every week will also include a craft to take-away… which we will also decorate by writing letters on all by ourselves. This is when the children can feel really proud that they have actually started reading and writing!

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