Alphatots – Fun Phonics & Pre-phonics Classes for 2-4s

Didsbury, Withington, Altrincham, Sale

A brand new concept in toddler / preschool classes for Manchester and Cheshire! There are lots of classes for babies and toddlers, but nothing quite like this!

Phonics classes for 2-4 year olds and pre-phonics for 1-2 year olds.

Alphatots Phonics classes are for 2-4 year olds and teach a new letter of the alphabet each week using fun games, songs, and stories, with engaging themes. What makes Alphatots different? Well firstly there are no other classes in Manchester teaching the sounds that each letter makes, and secondly we give the adults who come along the knowledge to support your child’s learning at home. We do fine motor skills activities to strengthen little fingers for holding a pencil, which can be replicated at home between sessions. So even if your child is at nursery or preschool, these classes will help you better support your little one to be school-ready – and you’ll have fun too! Parents are often confused as to how best to give their children the best start in learning to read – should you teach the names of the letters first or the sounds? Upper case or lower case first? How exactly should the letter sounds be pronounced (it’s actually not always obvious!)? And how to make it fun? All of these things and more are covered in Alphatots Phonics classes.

Alphatots Sound-Bites classes are for 1-2 year-olds to develop listening skills and social skills, paving the way for them to progress to Alphatots Phonics sessions when they are ready. The sessions focus on helping children become attuned to the sounds around them as this helps them prepare for hearing sounds in words as they get a little older . We listen to fun alliterative stories and sing familiar rhymes to develop the little ones’ abilities in sound discrimination and recognition of language rhythm, use ‘real world’ sound effects to develop environmental sound discrimination, and music games for instrumental sounds. Games we play encourage the children to practise taking turns and using eye contact – important skills for having a successful conversation!

Our participants say Alphatots classes are educational and fun. They have been particularly well received by parents of children learning English as their second language, as at Alphatots we focus on the sounds in the English language, which do not always exist in other languages.

We are passionate and excited to welcome more children and grown-ups to our classes – come and join us!

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