April Fool’s Day tricks for children

April Fool’s Day tricks for children.

Hide a strip of  bubblewrap between the toilet seat & the bowl so when your victim sits down it goes pop!

Carry an empty mug really carefully with both hands as if it’s over-full. When you get close to your victim pretend to trip so they think they are about to be soaked.

Dissolve some salt into a glass of water then offer your friend a drink!

Hide a piece of newspaper behind your back. Place a pound coin on the floor. As your victim bends to pick it up rip the paper loudly. They’ll think they’ve torn their trousers.

If your kids are small and sleep soundly, wait till they are asleep the night of 31st and swap them into each other’s beds so they wake up in the wrong bed on April Fools Day.

Spread a piece of toast with a thin layer of mustard so it looks like butter.

Scrunch up a piece of kitchen roll and hide it in the bottom of your child’s shoes so they think their feet have grown overnight.

Put a couple of drops of green food colouring in the milk carton.

Balance a plastic spider on the top of the bedroom door so it falls down when the door is opened.

Sprinkle a little salt on your victim’s toothbrush.

Stick a picture of a monkey’s face on the bathroom mirror.

Swap the bags of cereal into the wrong boxes.

Make some holes in a drinking straw so however hard  they suck they won’t get any drink.

Just as you are walking into  class, ask your friend if they are “ready for the test today?”

Swap the underwear drawer with the shirt drawer.

Put a small squirt of washing up liquid in the toilet cistern. It will flush bubbles! (Gets very messy – you’ve been warned.)

Take your victim’s pillow out of the pillow case and replace with scrunched up newspaper.

The day before April Fool’s Day make some orange jelly in a glass so it looks like orange squash. (Works in drinks bottles too.)

Drop a raisin in your victim’s drink – they’ll think it’s an insect. Make the bed up the wrong way round so the pillow is at the bottom.

And the ultimate trick? Do nothing just go very quiet and look really innocent – they’ll go mad trying to work out what you are up to.

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