Discover how your little one can benefit from baby classes

If you have a young baby you’ll be amazed how many classes are available for you and your little one. Many new parents assume that classes are only for toddlers & upwards and wait till their baby is a year old or more before enquiring about classes. But there are a surprising range of classes available even for very young babies with many starting at about six weeks.  Specially designed classes can help with a baby’s physical development, their communication skills and help with parent baby bonding. Plus it’s a great way for you to add some structure to your week and get out and meet other new parents. So don’t miss out on the opportunities and benefits that baby classes can bring. Take a look at these ideas for classes for babies from birth to one year.

Babies love music and quickly show their sense of rhythm. Exposure to music is believed to help with a baby’s cognitive and language development. Plus they just love it!

Swimming is obviously an important life skill for all ages. But it’s even beneficial to young babies in helping their gross and fine motor movements, their co-ordination and balance. And as an added bonus – they’ll certainly sleep afterwards!

Baby signing
Baby signing builds on the idea that babies already use gesture to communicate. Signing can help your baby to communicate with you, reducing their frustration and helping with their subsequent speech development.

Baby massage & yoga
Baby massage and baby yoga classes encourage bonding between parent and child, assist emotional development and can help with colic and sleep problems.

Dance (6 months+)
Just like music, babies naturally love dance. Baby ballet and dance classes help your baby’s development, coordination and social skills.

Story and activity classes (6 months+)
These classes use music, stories, puppets, songs and more to engage a baby’s interest and senses.  There are benefits to social, physical and intellectual development as well as being enjoyable for baby and parent too.


To find baby classes near you, just follow these links to classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool & Wirral, Flintshire & Wrexham


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