Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Fun At Home!

Your family Easter plans may have changed but the Easter Bunny is going to make sure you can still have lots of fun with your children this Easter with these two fun organised Easter egg hunts you can do at home! The Easter Bunny Challenge LIVE online and the Easter Bunny Egg Hunt At Home.

The Easter Bunny Challenge LIVE online

Give the kids an imaginative experience from the comfort of your own home this Easter!
Interactive live sessions with The Easter Bunny…..delivered online….
Learn bunny skills
Solve the riddles and do your own egg hunt hosted by the Easter Bunny
Singing and dancing with the Easter Bunny Hop
Meet the Easter Bunny LIVE online
Register NOW……Only one registration needed per family / group


The Easter Bunny Egg Hunt

Have your egg hunt presented on video by the Easter Bunny.

He will challenge your kids to solve his riddles, print out the ready made clue points and at the end come back to see the Easter Bunny give your children congratulations on their achievement and celebrate with his Easter Bunny Hop son and dance!

Also includes bonus Easter Bunny Story video delivered by the Easter Bunny himself!