Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Get your aprons out kids, it’s egg decorating time!
Here are some simple ideas for egg decorating that you can do with just basic paints, pens, glue and things around the house.
Don’t forget to hard boil the eggs first!

Candy Stripes
Use mini paint rollers or paint brushes to make broad multi-coloured stripes. If you are decorating more than one egg, do some with vertical stripes and some with horizontal stripes.

April Showers
Use paints or felt tips to create clouds, raindrops, sunbeams and rainbows.

Eggs are perfect for making comical faces with felt tips. Maybe make a family: bald granddad, mum with glasses, dad as a swimmer with goggles, freckly schoolgirl with plaits, boy in a bike helmet, baby with dummy.

Paint or dye eggs bright yellow. When dry use a black marker pen to draw simple smiley faces.

Bumble Bee
Paint eggs with black and yellow stripes, draw on legs and stick on paper wings and eyes.

Mini Zoo
Decorate eggs like your favourite round  animals. Make your own colourful zoo: pink pigs, yellow chicks, white rabbits, orange & white clownfish, brown owls, grey elephants etc.

Newspaper Print
Tear newspaper into pieces about 1 or 2 cms across. Use p.v.a. glue to stick newsprint onto egg and to “varnish” over the top.

Go Dotty
Dot your egg with spots of bright colours. Very effective if you choose just three or four colours

Sweet Wrappers
Cut sweet wrappers into squares. Glue all over the egg overlapping the edges.

Blackboard Paint
If you have some blackboard paint hanging around, use it to paint the eggs. Leave to dry and then decorate with chalk.

Child’s Names
Use felt tips to write child’s name on each egg. Then go mad with a personalised decorations. Particularly useful if you are going egg-rolling.

Angry Birds
Use poster paints to decorate your eggs like angry birds. Don’t forget to make some naughty green piggies.

Glitter Glamour!
Brush the egg with glue then roll gently in a small bowl of glitter.

Pretty Pastels
Dye the eggs by soaking in diluted food colouring or even use natural dyes (coffee, beetroot juice, water from boiled red cabbage etc.)

Get Sticking
If you really can’t face the mess of paint, dyes & glue then why not buy a cheap pack of stickers. You can get Easter themed stickers or even simple coloured dots which toddlers, in particular, will love sticking on eggs (tables, hair …).

Remember it doesn’t have to be a  masterpiece – it’s all about having fun. You’ll probably end up it rolling down a hill anyway! For more Easter fun see our 5 Easter weekend traditions your family will love and our round up of local Easter trails and egg hunts.

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