Halloween fun activities for kids

Halloween fun for kids, Halloween recipes and Halloween kids’ games.

Pumpkin carving
Hollow out a pumpkin – this can take a while. Child draws simple scary face design on pumpkin. Adult uses sharp knife to cut out eyes, mouth etc. and slice off top to make a lid. Light a tea light or small candle in the pumpkin and place in window (not near curtain of course) or on the doorstep if you want to attract trick or treaters.

Hide n seek in the dark
Just like normal hide and seek but  outside after dark – surprisingly spooky!

Satsuma mini pumpkins
You need a bag of satsumas and some black felt tips. Children decorate the satsumas to look like mini pumpkins. Great for decorating the Hallowe’en tea table and you can eat them later!

Apple bobbing
Float a small apple in a washing up bowl of water. Kids have to bite it without using hands. Constant supervision of course so they don’t drown. (Tie back long hair)

Sweets in flour
Hide a smartie, chocolate square or grape in a bowl of flour. Just like apple bobbing, kids have to get the sweet out without using hands. Very messy especially if done while faces still wet from applebobbing!

Yucky guess what it is
Prepare a selection of slimy, smelly, squidgy things in bowls e.g. blue cheese, jelly, shaving foam, congealed custard, mud. Keep them hidden. Blindfold one child and bring out one item which they have to touch and smell to guess what it is. Make sure the other kids make suitable disgusted noises. Then it’s another child’s turn with the next item.

Wink murder
Each child pulls a folded piece of paper from a hat. Just one has the word “murderer” on it. The children sit in a circle and the “murderer” tries to wink at another child without getting caught. Children who have been winked out die dramatically and noisily. The others try to guess who the murderer is before being winked at themselves. But be careful – if you guess wrongly you die too!

Mummy wrapping
Split kids into two teams each with a roll of white loo paper. Each team wraps one of their members in the tissue paper. Prizes can be given for best wrapping , fastest to finish, not tearing paper etc.

Find the eyeball
Cook spaghetti in a large pan of water coloured with red food colouring. Drain and leave to cool. Make an “eyeball” by drawing on a ping pong or golf ball. Hide the eye in the spaghetti. Kids roll up their sleeves and take turns to get it out.

Halloween cakes
Make some fairy cakes and provide orange icing, black/green icing tubes, sweet shoe laces, chocolate sprinkles etc. Let kids decorate as scary faces, spiders’ webs, pumpkins …
Scary stories

Children sit in a circle in a dimly lit room. They pass round a torch which they shine under their chin to uplight their face. As each child takes the torch they make up one line of a scary story before passing on. e.g.
Child 1 “It was a cold, dark night.”
Passes torch to child 2
Child 2 “The wind was howling round the old house …”

Guess the ghost
Split children into two teams. One team leaves the room and one of them covers him/herself in a white sheet. Then the “ghost” goes back into the room making appropriate “whooo” noises. The opposing team has to guess who the ghost is. If they can’t guess straight away they can ask the ghost to make ghostly noises or drift around the room to give a bit of a clue. Then the teams swap places.

Who is the ghost?
Variation on the above. You’ll need a selection of sheets/duvet covers, just one of which should be white. One child leaves the room. The other children hide under a sheet each. The one hiding under the white sheet is the ghost. When hidden the children “whooo” to indicate they are ready. The first child comes back into the room and has to guess which child is the ghost.

Who’s howling?
One child leaves the room. One of the remaining children is chosen to howl or scream in a suitable blood curdling manner. The first child then comes back onto the room and has to guess who was howling.

Pin the spider on the web
A Halloween version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a spider’s web on a large piece of paper and draw a fly somewhere on the web. Blutack the web to the wall. Each child draws a spider on a small piece of paper. Stick one small blob of blutack on the back of each spider picture. The children then take it in turns to be blindfolded and try to put the spider on the cobweb. The one nearest to the fly wins.

Halloween food
Some kids can be really put off by some of these foods so don’t overdo it and offer some normal food too.
Blue spaghetti – witches hair
Tomato soup – dragons blood
Strawberry laces – witches hair
Satsumas with celery stalks – mini pumpkins
Bananas with chocolate drop eyes – ghosts
Red/black fizz cola bottle sweets – vampire nails
Cucumber sticks – skeleton fingers
Peeled grapes – eyes
Strawberry jelly – congealed blood
Green jelly with plastic spider in it!

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