Hints for happy, safe trick or treating

Love it or loathe it your kids will probably want to go trick or treating. Here are some tips for happy trick or treating which won’t upset your neighbours.

It really all comes down to being safe, comfortable and considerate …

Dress warmly and  comfortably
There are lots of spooky outfits in the shops but most are fairly thin. Wear really warm clothes under the outfits – coats spoil the effect. Choose outfits which won’t drag on the ground and trip your child up.

Go to the toilet first!
Insist on all children (and adults) going to the loo before you go or or you’ll be dashing back after 10 minutes.

Go after tea
Give the kids a proper tea before you go to line their tummies for all those sweets – they certainly won’t want tea afterwards.

Set sweet eating limits before you set off
Before setting off discuss with your child that they can have some sweets today (don’t be too strict – it’s only once a year) but make it clear that most of the sweets can be kept for another day.

Take an adult!
Do not let children go trick or treating unsupervised.

Take a bag
Take a Halloween container or bag for all those goodies!

Take a torch
Stay in well lit areas but take a torch too. It’s reassuring and adds to the sense of adventure.

Visit friends
Ideally only call at houses of good neighbours and friends. If you are also going to strangers’ houses only go to those with pumpkins/Hallowe’en decorations. Never go to a house with lights off and curtains drawn – take the hint.

No nasty tricks!
It’s unlikely you’ll be challenged to trick but just in case prepare something inoffensive and funny e.g. singing really, really badly.

Don’t overdo it
Come home before you all get tired, cold and fed up. Think about this when planning your route.

Finish by 8pm
Be considerate. Finish by 8pm.

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