How to carve a Halloween pumpkin with kids

13 easy pumpkin carving design ideas:

Scary face
The most traditional design is a scary face. Don’t forget triangular eyes, zig zaggy grimaces & jagged teeth.

Friendly face
Younger children might prefer a smiley face.

Haunted House
Draw a silhouette of a spooky house. Carve out windows in the house for the light to glow through.

Pretty patterns
If your little one doesn’t like scary shapes then why not make pretty swirly shapes or zig zags.

Moons and Stars
Cut out small moon and star shaped holes all over. Sharp biscuit cutters can help.

Cut out a spider shape – can be frightening or friendly.

Dress it up
Add a witch’s hat, a Halloween wig or some funny cardboard ears. (Make sure they don’t catch fire though!)

Snake shapes are easy to carve.

Cut out a word. “Boo!” or “Whooo!” are easy but if you are ambitious you could try “trick or treat!”

Cool dude
If your pumpkin is head-sized, cut out a smiley mouth and add sunglasses!

Use the stalk
If your pumpkin has a stalk on the side, use it to inspire the design by making it a nose or even an elephant’s trunk.

A simple bat outline is easy and effective.

A spooky ghost outline is also simple and looks great.

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