How to get kids reading

So it’s World Book Day this week and the chances are that your child will be dressing up as their favourite book character. How can you build on their excitement and keep your child enthusiastic to carry on reading after their World Book Day costume has been packed away?

Here are a few simple tips to encourage children to read at home … 


Read to young children every day. Make it a fun part of the bed time routine and a let your child pick the story – however many times you’ve read it already!

Keep a variety of books in the house. This doesn’t have to be expensive as you can pick them up cheaply in online sales, recycling websites and charity shops as well as getting “hand-me-down” books from friends whose children have grown out of them.

Reading doesn’t have to mean books. Your child might respond better to magazines or comics.

Get young children to read everything everywhere all the time. Tickets, posters, labels – it all counts. It will improve their reading and they’ll feel proud to be the one who chooses which flavour yoghurt the family buys because they were able to read the label.

Join the library and go regularly, maybe each time you go into town or to the park if that’s nearby. Let your child choose what they borrow. The aim is to get them to want to read not to force worthy books on them. Take a look on our blog about why you should definitely take your child to the library.

Try audio books. You can download them or borrow free from the library. Even the most reluctant reader is happy to listen to a story.

If your child is hopelessly attached to their electronic device, let them use reading apps to read books read online.

Always pay full attention and listen when your child reads to you.

If your child likes a particular genre of book, find more books in that style. Librarians can help and there are some great reading lists and suggestions on the Book Trust’s website.

Look out for events such as children’s authors’ book signings, Harry Potter themed workshops and kids’ literature festivals.

And most importantly, make sure your child sees you reading and enjoying it. Kids pick up on good role models.


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