How to keep children’s party food simple

We’ve all seen those magazine-perfect photos of  tables laden with hand-piped cupcakes and vegetables carved into crocodiles. And it’s always presented on expensive themed party ware, of course. Well, don’t even think about it! What your child needs is a calm, relaxed parent who hasn’t worn themselves out before the party even starts.

So, here are a few tips for keeping it simple. Your child will thank you (not literally of course!).

Number one tip. Do not look at Pinterest when planning your kids party!
Unless you are the sort of uber-parent who enjoys carving cucumber flowers, keep the food simple. Kids aren’t interested in your culinary skills. Don’t make work for yourself.

Ask about allergies on the invitation
If one of your guests is lactose intolerant, it’s better to know before you serve up cheese & tomato pizza.

Restrict the food to just a few choices
If there are 15 different types of food, most kids will want to take a bit of everything, will waste half of it and will get upset if they miss out on something.

Don’t make too many sandwiches
They are not going to go down as well as the crisps/tomatoes/chocolate cup cakes.

Make portions small
Small items are more appetizing. So serve cocktail sausages, mini cheese rolls, sandwiches cut into fingers, cherry tomatoes, small wedges of pizza … you get the idea.

Keep a back up supply of the best bits
There will always be one little sweetheart who grabs three chocolate crispy cakes, and one or two will be dropped on the floor, so keep a few back so no one misses out.

Consider serving food in party boxes
It makes life simple, fair and fun. The reduction in waste will pay for the boxes and it looks more partyish. Just pop in a sandwich, a couple of carrots sticks, cherry tomatoes, grapes, a packet of crisps, a cocktail sausage and a wrapped chocolate roll. Add a juice carton, a colourful paper napkin and a party hat and it’s ready. Plus there’s no washing up!

Remember, it’s a children’s party, not a parenting competition, and it’s definitely not Masterchef.


Of course to make life even simpler, get professional help.

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