Looking for a fun activity for the kids for Halloween?

Kids Halloween Party Fun activity; wizard treasure hunt …


Are you organising a kids’ Halloween party?

Got the neighbours’ kids coming around?

Looking for an alternative to trick or treating to the kids this year?

Then use the Hocus Pocus Interactive Treasure Hunt!! Easy to set up and run…super fun!! Ready-made 45 minute activity for small or large groups of children, can be done indoors or outdoors.

Merlin the Wizard teaches the children how to be Wizards, delivers their video clue riddles so they can find the puzzle pieces and teaches them the wizard anthem! He also leads them in their broomstick and wand training and wizard puzzle challenge and congratulates them on becoming successful wizards as they have completed their treasure hunt!
Includes videos, clues, song and dance, puzzle cards, instructions and certificates …

Access your treasure hunt videos and download printables TODAY just £20. Use multiple times …

“The Hocus Pocus Treasure Hunt is great! We used it for my daughters 7th birthday party with a group of 10 kids and it worked really well. They were transfixed by Merlin the Wizard ‘skyping’ them (so they thought!) and loved the activities like learning how to cast a spell and the flying on a broomstick song. Easy to prepare as long as you read the instructions thoroughly well in advance and simple to run -it’s all done for you!! Highly recommended!”