Pony Fun For Summer

This summer I have a range of activities for children of varying ages, all here in my pretty orchard:
* Themed pony mornings
* Lively hobby horse/dragon races
* Chocolate workshops
* Pony experiences

Use discount code “kidsguide18” at the checkout to get £1 off each child ticket

**Themed pony mornings**
Suitable for ages 2-7
Hour and a half of pony grooming, decorating with ribbons and stickers, short ride each, meander around the orchard checking out the birds, fruit trees, weeds (there’s always some!) and fairy doors plus themed art and craft.
Small gift for each child
£18.50 per child incl 1adult.

** Hobby horse/dragon races**
Hobby horse racing is an upcoming sport in mainland Europe – let the kids have fun and let off some steam this summer
Suitable ages 4-12
Hour and a half of outdoor races
Make your own hobby horse/dragon
Select your team colours
Test your balance, agility and other skills with various team races
Prizes for all
£15 per child incl 1 adult

**Chocolate workshops**
I also run Cheshire Chocolate Studio and will be running workshops in the orchard for the first time this summer.
Tasty hour and a half of chocolate creating for ages 4-12
Make a chocolate lollipop
Dip various fillings into chocolate and decorate
Get artistic and decorate a cookie with chocolate, cake decorations incl writing icing
Quick chat about where chocolate comes from and how it’s made into their favourite chocolate produce
Chocolate tasting
The children will work with Belgian chocolate and they’ll wrap their produce to take home
£15 per child – adults may participate in the workshop, simply purchase a child’s ticket.

**Pony experience**
These are private hour long sessions for 1-3 children sharing 1 pony.
Suitable for ages 2-7
Grooming, decorating, pony care, and half an hour of riding around our pretty orchard looking at the owls nest, the baby apples and various other flora and fauna in the orchard.
£50 first child, £25 each additional child. Discounted on Mondays.

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