Spy Party by Spy:Co – 99.7% very happy kids and parents!

Spy:Co spy party – the most thrilling, unique and educational spy birthday party for girls and boys between 6 and 11 years old. Choose between 4 different engaging missions. Live contact with head of spies, Octagon!

The modern and super easy way of organising a spy party from home or a venue, guaranteed to be a success!
You easily book your mission directly online!

During the spy mission the Spy:Co agents will learn more about:
► Invisible ink
► Secret codes
► Analysing fingerprints
► Interpret footprints
► Morse code
► Listen to/analyse secret recordings

The new agents will get some help from…

• Direct contact with OCTAGON, head of all Spy:Co agents!
• The Personal Agent Book (that all Spy:Co agents receive)
• Thrilling movie links from Spy:Co
• 10 cards with clues
• Intriguing audio links

Anna, mum of Charlotte age 8
Best party ever! Brilliant idea!

David, dad of Julia age 7
“Very professional. The children liked the interaction (film and audio links, listening and question cards)”

Jennifer, mum of Lilian age 9
“Great idea for a party which the kids all really enjoyed. Apparently, it was “the best party ever” which is always a relief to hear!”

Sarah, mum of Caleb age 10
“The kids had loads of fun. All the interactive elements were great – got their brains working. They were all very interested in the mission!”

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