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Are you excited to meet your new baby & looking forward to being a mother but feeling nervous about the birth?

Do you want to feel fully prepared,informed, calm, relaxed & ready?

Do you need answers to all your Pregnancy & Birth questions?

I want you to know that I totally get it. You are about to do one of the most intense things of your entire life, and you're feeling a little anxious. It is completely natural & you are not alone

Facing the unknown can make you feel that what happens in Labour & Birth is completely out of your control.

Traumatic Birth stories from well meaning family & friends can make it seem that giving Birth to your baby will be a difficult & fearful experience with some complications inevitable.

Your partner may feel they want to be more involved but are unsure of how best to support you or to help you deal with anything unexpected.

Continuous emotional & practical support throughout from the same person may be lacking.


You may have unanswered questions, want to explore all your options & need the correct information to make a Birth plan, get reassurance or guidance on what questions to ask your Health Professionals.

I provide options & solutions...

I can help ease your fears by answering all your questions with unbiased & personalised information. I will inform you of all your options & help you to navigate the maternity system. I can guide you on what questions to ask Health Professionals, so you can gain the answers you need.

I can give you a thorough understanding of how Birth really works,
Help you to realise you do not have to surrender control by providing you with physical, practical & mindful techniques to deal with contractions & every stage of Labour.

I can prepare you for every eventuality & give your partner a clearly
defined role, so you are both completely in tune, they know what to
do, recognise when to do it & how to carry it out.

I can be there for you continuously from pregnancy, working in collaboration with Health Professionals, I can support you & your partner throughout the Birth, care for you Postnatally & provide guidance with your newborn.

Whether you choose my Birth Service or my Complete Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Programme, I will ensure you will feel, calm, relaxed, fully prepared & looking forward to the Birth of your baby.

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