Tips for holding a children’s party on a budget

It doesn’t have to be expensive to hold a kids’ party.  We’ve got some top tips for holding a great child’s party without spending a fortune.


Children’s parties can quickly turn into a game of parental one-upmanship. It’s easy to get carried away with the idea that you have to hold a big, expensive party just because other families at school are doing it. Kids want to fit in and you don’t want to let them down, but there are lots of ways to give your child an enjoyable and memorable party without blowing your budget.  Remember, most other parents feel the same way, and will really appreciate you setting the example by holding a children’s party at a reasonable cost.

The trick is to keep it simple, restrict numbers and follow these practical tips.

  1. Work out your budget and stick to it.
  2. Keep the numbers down. Don’t feel obliged to ask the whole class.
  3. Don’t assume party entertainers and dedicated party venues are the expensive option. Ring round and get quotes. Sometimes they can offer great value compared to buying in activities and gifts to take home. And if you go for something a bit different like a craft or outdoor adventure party, you might be able to dispense with buying frills like balloons and party bags.
  4. If you go down the professional route, look for discounts. Some companies offer good discounts e.g. 10% off if you quote “Kidsguide”. See Kidsguide’s party entertainers pages.
  5. Hold the party mid-week. Many bouncy castles suppliers, party venues etc. offer generous discounts for mid-week hire.
  6. Make your own invitations. Your child will enjoy designing their own invitations which you can print off or photocopy cheaply. Better still email or message the invitations if you can.
  7. Share with another family. If there’s another child with a birthday at a similar time, why not hold a joint party and split the cost. This works especially well if they have the same group of friends.
  8. Make your own food. It’s nearly always cheaper, tastier and healthier. Take a look at our tips on how to keep children’s party food simple and fun party foods kids can help make.
  9. Don’t make too much food. Excited kids will probably just pick. So have a variety of small snack foods but don’t make too much – you’ll be eating sandwiches for days!
  10. Serve squash and water in jugs – not expensive branded drinks.
  11. Take advantage of special offers. Sweets, biscuits etc. are often on special offer so think ahead and stock up when you see non-perishable goodies on offer.
  12. Ditch the party bags. The other parents will thank you. How many mini plastic yoyos does one child need? It’s usually cheaper to buy one decent small gift e.g. a colouring book and pens from a pound store than party bags full of small “disposable” toys. And, importantly, it’s more environmentally friendly.
  13. Consider holding the party at home. Hiring a hall will add to the cost.
  14. Don’t buy expensive decorations. Maybe your children will enjoy making decorations? It’s all part of the fun build-up to the party!
  15. Play traditional games that need no special equipment. They’re not old-fashioned – kids still love them!
  16. Keep it short – 2 hours is plenty.
  17. Relax and have fun!

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Still worried that it’s all getting out of hand, see our blog on stopping the madness of today’s kids’ parties! What does your child really want?

Need some more choices? Take a look at party entertainers, venues and bouncy castle suppliers near you