Top 5 animal themed party games

These party games always go down well with kids and take little preparation and almost no mess. As each game has an animal name they work equally well for boys’ parties or girls’ parties or parties with boys and girls! And, if it’s an animal themed party,  it’s perfect!

This is a bit like musical chairs but easier to organize if space is limited.   Make “islands” on the floor by
scattering something soft and not slippy  e.g. tea towels or cushions on a carpeted floor. At the start, make sure there at least as many islands as children. The children then start “swimming” by walking around the islands making swimming motions with their hands. Suddenly shout “Here comes the shark”  and pretend to chase after them. They all have to get safely onto an island – only one child per island. Now tell them it’s safe to swim again but remove one or two islands. This time, any child who doesn’t make it onto an island is out and becomes a shark. Repeat until there is one island and one winner.

Animal races
Best played in the garden or large room if possible. Call out an animal and the children have to race in that style eg. snakes slithering, bunny hopping, elephant with swinging trunk. You can give points for style as well as speed if you like.

Sleeping Lions
A great game to calm things down if it all gets a bit too wild. The children lie on the floor and pretend to be sleeping lions. They have to stay as still as possible – anyone who moves is out. You can try to get them to move by walking around between them making silly comments “Oh look,  Sam’s got a blue nose!”.

Duck, duck, goose
The children sit cross-legged in a circle on the floor. One child walks slowly round the outside tapping the other players’ heads saying “duck” each time. Without warning, they change to “goose” and quickly run around the circle while the tapped child tries to catch them before they get back to the beginning and sit in the empty space. If the chaser doesn’t manage to catch up then they are “on”.

The tortoise and the hare
This is based on the classic pass the parcel game but with a twist!
Wrap a small gift  in layers of old newspaper. Tuck a wrapped sweet in each layer. Make sure there are at least as many layers as children playing. The children sit in a circle while music plays. (It’s great if  you can swap between slow music and some quick music.) Every now and then the adult shouts either “tortoise” or “hare” and the parcel has to be passed slowly or quickly. When the music stops the child holding the package opens a layer and claims their sweet. If the child has already had a go they pass it to the next player.
The child who opens the last layer wins the prize.

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