Top six gender neutral party ideas for children

How to plan a kids’ party which will appeal to both boys and girls

So you’ve got a children’s party to organise and there are going to be girls and boys coming. What kids’ party theme will work well for mixed genders? You could go down the dual theme route such as knights and princesses, but the chances are that one half of the theme won’t work as well as the other – it’s a lot harder to dress up as a knight than a princess! You need to find a kids’ party theme which is truly gender neutral and will appeal to everyone equally.

Gender neutral fancy dress ideas

If you’re planning a mixed gender fancy dress party, the theme should provide lots of options for both boys and girls to dress up as simply or as fancily as the children (or more probably their parents) wish. So it’s a good idea to pick a party theme which has a broad scope. That’s why World Book Day is so popular, it gives the opportunity for all sorts of different outfits to suit every child’s taste. Not all kids like dressing up so choose a theme which  allows minimal dressing up for children who prefer normal clothes.

Budget friendly mixed gender parties

Unless you have a very healthy bank balance, you will probably want to keep costs down. (Take a look at our tips for holding a children’s party on a budget.) You can save money by making home made decorations and fancy dress outfits but then you’ll need to consider how practical your planned party theme really is. A Star Wars party would be cool and there is lots of themed party ware available online so that would be an easy option.  But how much it will all cost? Making a homemade death star or stormtrooper outfit might be beyond your creative talents. And consider what you are asking of the other parents. A space-themed party could be great but no one is going to thank you if they have to fork out for a full astronaut outfit for their six year old!

Professional party entertainers offering parties for both girls and boys

There are lots of good quality professional party entertainers creating great parties to suit both genders.  Most of the better general party entertainment companies will offer a wide range of bespoke themes and can use their expertise to advise what will work best for your age group and gender balance.  Active parties are good. Play centres are popular and offer good value deals while some of the out-of-school sports clubs offer activity parties with age appropriate games and competitions. Older kids might enjoy going to a climbing wall, high ropes course, trampolining or sports venue. Most kids will love a dinosaur themed party or even a real animal encounter party where they’ll have fun and learn something too! Science parties for kids always go with a bang! A craft party can appeal to boys as well as girls especially if it involves something messy like clay or slime! If you’d prefer to provide your own entertainment you might still consider hiring a bouncy castle which will keep kids happily occupied for hours.

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Here are our suggestions for the top six gender neutral party themes for a kids’ party at home

Little chefs’ pizza party

With a pizza party the theme and party food are sorted in one. Just ask the children to bring an apron each. Buy ready made individual pizza bases and put out bowls of tomato passata (cheaper and more authentic than pizza topping sauce) and a selection of child friendly toppings: grated cheese, sweetcorn, ham, red pepper etc.

Pirate party

Always goes down well with girls as much as boys. A quick google search will bring up lots of printable pirate resources and pirate themed games. Make a skull and crossbones flag to decorate the room and fill a “treasure chest” with foil covered chocolate coins and sweetie necklaces to use as prizes or take home gifts.

Rainbow party

Nice and simple. Children just come dressed in any colours of the rainbow, And you can keep the theme going with lots of colourful balloons and ribbons. Multi coloured food is easy too. Try arranging slices of carrot, cucumber and a range of sweet peppers in colour order on a large plate in the middle of the table. Add bowls of party rings, smarties, skittles and coloured jellies dotted around to add rainbow splashes of colour amongst the drabber mini sausages and pitta.

Seaside themed party

From mermaid to SpongeBob, there’ll be an outfit to suit everyone at a seaside party. And the reluctant dresser-upper can  just come in shorts, teeshirt and sunhat.  Make the party tea into a beach picnic by serving sandwiches on a picnic blanket dotted with buckets and spades.  And if you feel like splashing out (pun intended) a cheap candy floss machine would provide a real treat!

Bumble bee & butterfly party

This is a perfect theme for very young children. Bees come dressed in black and yellow, butterflies in whichever colourful combination they prefer. Decorate the room with over-sized paper flowers and maybe do some facepainting.

Traditional games party

The traditional children’s party is the ultimate gender neutral party idea. There is a reason that traditional kids party games have remained popular over the generations. They work so well for both girls and boys, providing fun and entertainment. Top kids’ party games include pass the parcel; duck, duck goose; musical statues; Simon Says and, when it all gets a bit much, sleeping lions.


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