Top ten things to do now to avoid having bored kids this summer

Who’s looking forward to having bored kids this summer holiday?

No, me neither.

There are literally 1000s of things to do and places to go across the region. So why does it feel so hard to think of something every single morning of the holidays?
The trick is to plan ahead.

Tip #1 Find out which of your children’s friends will be around and when during the holidays. Check you have their contact details. Book a couple of “play dates” for the first week or two.

Tip #2 Allow two or three days down time at the beginning of the holiday to allow everyone to wind down, rest and get used to being at home without constant stimulation.

Tip #3 Get a couple of new books/games/craft activities/puzzles so you can all cope with Tip #2

Tip #4 Go to your local library and join the kids’ summer reading scheme – it’s free. Swapping books on a regular basis gives a structure to the holiday and they might be holding themed events your kids can go to.

Tip #5 Get a large piece of paper and colourful pens. Divide the paper into 4 sections “big day out (sunny)”; “big day out (rainy)”; “simple stuff to do (sunny)”; “simple stuff to do (rainy)”. Look through Kidsguide, local online noticeboards etc. and pick out places to go and things to do for each section. Let your kids do this with you (if they are too young they can still decorate the paper). Stick the sheet to the fridge so you and the children can add to it. Now you have instant ideas ready when you need them, whatever the weather. Take a look at top tips for days out the whole family will enjoy, the family-friendly science discovery centres near you and the best local beaches for families for some ideas to get you started.

Tip #6 Look online for discount vouchers etc. for any of the “big day out” places you have picked out.

Tip #7 Start making a list of free stuff to do. The school holidays get expensive, so it’s handy to have some ideas prepared which won’t cost you a fortune.  Kidsguide’s blog Unplugged! 100 free things for kids to do this summer, 15 fab ideas for free outdoor fun and free things for kids to do at home on a rainy day are great places to start.

Tip #8 Look on Kidsguide’s “what’s on?” page in Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside and Wrexham and Flintshire for special events coming up and put them on your calendar.

Tip #9 Book your kids into a summer course. Ask your children if there is a new hobby or sport they’d like to try. A short intensive course can be a great way to try something different without committing to a whole term. Most of the regular term time clubs run holiday courses of 3 – 5 days. If possible, book this before the holidays start as many schemes get full and anyway it will give a bit of structure to the weeks stretching ahead.

Tip #10 DON’T PANIC! There are always tons of ideas on Kidsguide – just click on your area below.

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