Unplugged! 100 free things for kids to do this summer

Does the long school holiday seem to be getting more and more expensive? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas for things your kids can do which won’t cost you money.

Here are ideas for free children’s activities to do at home, free things for kids to do face-to-face with friends & family and ideas for places to go which cost nothing. And all these kids’ activities are unplugged. So if you want to know how to get your kids off their phones, tablets and Xboxes,  take a look at this list for some free school holiday activity inspiration.

Not sure you can convince your lovely child to put down their device and try something more creative? How about getting them to pick three things off this list they’re willing to try and set a day and time to do them. Or agree a time each day (afternoons?) when they’ll switch off their Snapchat notifications and try something new.

Here’s the ultimate 100 free things for kids to do this summer. And all without an electronic device in sight!


  1. draw a picture of your favourite person
  2. learn to sew
  3. get grandma to teach you her favourite recipe
  4. walk on the beach
  5. make a mud pie
  6. make a daisy chain
  7. visit a toy library
  8. feed some ducks
  9. make a whistling noise with a blade of grass
  10. learn how to use the washing machine
  11. make a picture using your own handprints
  12. practice your autograph
  13. do the library summer reading challenge
  14. build a sandcastle
  15. do a good deed for a neighbour
  16. learn how to boil an egg
  17. do a sponsored walk for charity
  18. read all the books by your favourite author
  19. make thumb print stick men
  20. find out how to say hello in five languages
  21. devise a treasure hunt
  22. make a splash with water painting (a paint brush and plain water on walls, paving stones etc. – it’s brilliant for little ones – the mess just evaporates!)
  23. grow a plant
  24. ice some biscuits
  25. make a bookmark
  26. visit your local play area
  27. camp in the garden
  28. camp in the house
  29. count butterflies
  30. learn origami
  31. make a paper garland
  32. create animal masks
  33. visit the library
  34. make home-made ice lollies
  35. visit your grandparents
  36. take your neighbour’s dog for walk
  37. practice making shadow puppets
  38. perfect a silly walk
  39. go on a bug hunt
  40. learn all the words to a song
  41. teach your pet a trick
  42. make fruit juice ice cubes
  43. feed the birds
  44. visit a museum
  45. create your own wrapping paper with potato prints
  46. run a mile
  47. do a cart wheel
  48. put on a play
  49. enjoy a picnic
  50. play football in the park
  51. have a water fight
  52. do 20 star jumps
  53. build a den
  54. make a nature trail
  55. learn to juggle
  56. make an obstacle course
  57. make a puppet theatre
  58. learn to whistle
  59. visit a family friendly art gallery
  60. bounce a ball hundred times without losing control
  61. play in the paddling pool
  62. learn how to do a forward roll
  63. learn to blow a raspberry
  64. dip string in paint and make a string picture
  65. hold silly races
  66. draw a self-portrait (old school selfie)
  67. go for a walk
  68. press some flowers
  69. make a pleated paper fan
  70. balance on one leg with your eyes shut for 60 seconds
  71. make mum or dad breakfast in bed
  72. make a list of the top 10 best pizza toppings
  73. make a list of the top 10 worst pizza toppings
  74. draw your initials and decorate them beautifully
  75. do something nice for your brother or sister!
  76. make a join the dots picture
  77. see how fast you can run (get someone to time you)
  78. limbo under a skipping rope
  79. blow bubbles in diluted paint and make a bubble picture
  80. dress up in grown-ups’ clothes
  81. look for bats
  82. make up a crossword
  83. write an adventure story
  84. paint pebbles
  85. draw an alien
  86. make a baking soda and vinegar volcano (tip – definitely one for outside)
  87. build a hedgehog house
  88. take a survey of people’s favourite colours
  89. make up a joke
  90. see how many musical “instruments” you can make from recycling
  91. learn how to make a cup of tea
  92. balance a ball on your head
  93. move all the way round the room without touching the floor
  94. pretend you’re reading the news
  95. hold a talent contest
  96. place a skipping rope on the floor and do a tight rope act
  97. say the alphabet backwards
  98. paint a rainbow
  99. pretend to be a bunny rabbit
  100. don’t speak out loud for a whole hour!

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