Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Huggy heart gift

Cut a heart shape out of card. Add on card legs. Print off a photo of the child’s head (or they can draw a picture of their own head). Stick on to the top of the heart shape. Finally add arms made of pipe cleaners which can be bent round to hug the lucky recipient.

Salt dough heart pendant

Mix 3 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt and approx 1 cup water. Model like playdough into heart or shape. Push a pencil through to make a hole. Dry out in cool oven. When dry you can decorate it with paint, glitter and varnish. Thread a cord or ribbon through hole to make a necklace.

3d heart Valentine’s decoration

Cut two heart shapes out of card. Colour or decorate. If appropriate write one person’s name on one heart and another person’s on the other. Cut a slot down the centre of one heart from the “dip” to just over half way. Cut a slot half way up the centre of the other heart starting from the point. Slot the two hearts together.

Handprint hearts

You need a piece of plain paper and contrasting paint e.g. red paint on white paper or white paint on red paper. Make one handprint then make another at a slight angle with the finger prints overlapping and the palm prints making the “bulges” of the heart. Makes a lovely framed Valentine’s gift for a parent or grandparent.

Plaited ribbon bookmarks

A more challenging Valentine’s craft for an older child. Take 3 contrasting ribbons approx 40cms long. Tie together about 4cms from one end. Place flat on a table and ask someone to hold the tied end. Neatly plait together keeping flat on the table. Thread on a pretty bead then tie end to secure. (Adult can iron the plait flat if necessary). Sew on small beads or sequins to decorate.

Chocolate strawberry hearts

Slice fresh strawberries in half lengthwise. Half dip in melted chocolate. Give to Mummy!

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