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Photo of child playing with veirtual reality headset at VR Here in Liverpool

Open from 17th May 2021 with special measures for your safety (see below)

Start your Immersive Adventure Birthday Party with VR Here.

Experience a magical birthday at the UK's highest-rated Virtual Reality centre. Our wide range of activities gives your kids freedom to explore amazing new worlds while our team provides expert advice and care.

Why VR Here?

We have an excellent team with years of experience in hosting birthday parties and events.

Our vast library of handpicked experiences ranges from underwater adventures, through paintball shootouts, space robot battles and archery castle defence to artistic sessions with sculpture and painting collaborations.

Parents can just relax and enjoy enjoying tea or coffee while we take care of everything.

Ability to play the same game together makes the party extra special. Children can interact with each other in virtual worlds where the only limit is their imagination

Our dedicated racing simulators take the fun to the next level. Everyone, young and old will be blown away by the excitement they deliver and captured photos will provide timeless memories.

What can I experience?

Over 30 different adventures and games from

Walking with dinosaurs

Battling space drones

Shooting zombies

Jamming to music




Car racing



Whatever your child can dream of we have got you covered. Some of our team favorites like the hugely rewarding Beat Saber or wonderfully wacky Job Simulator will become an instant favourite. It's important that you get the very best virtual reality experience there is so we make sure we guide every player from start to finish making sure they have a perfect time. Equally we believe education is important but should also be fun and accessible, this year we have many different immersive learning tools for children to fully engage in, discover the solar system, 3D history, virtual art classes and much more.

Who is VR for?

Virtual Reality can be enjoyed by everyone from 8 years of age. It is not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy

Open again!

From 17th of May 2021 our virtual reality experience centre is open again to customers. Based on medical advice we have taken following steps to ensure safety of customers and our staff:

All the virtual reality headsets and controllers are sanitised after each player with 70% alcohol wipes.
Additionally, all the equipment is being placed into a specialized, certified UV box for 2 minutes after each player.
Our staff wears gloves and sanitizes hands after every contact with customers and equipment.
We have a restricted number of spectators allowed, which means each person visiting has a 2m safety bubble around them.
We have created 15 minutes breaks between sessions to allow for sanitization of all equipment.
We have created one-way system through our centre,with separate entry and exit doors to prevent groups from mixing.
Our experiences are made for social distancing - with each player occupying their own 10 x 10 feet play area and unable to physically interact with other players - unless they meet in virtual reality!

Please be aware that following restrictions are in place:

VR sessions are available by appointment only, please make a booking by clicking on make a booking widget below.

Only 1 spectator per player.

Customers are required to use the provided hand sanitizer on arrival

Our staff wears N95 masks

We ask our patrons to arrive on time and leave promptly as soon as session is over to avoid meeting other groups. We have created 15 minutes buffer in between each session to avoid groups overlapping. If you need a taxi pickup please let our staff know at the start of your session so it can be arranged while you play.

If you feel ill before your sessions or are showing any potential COVID-19 symptoms please phone and we will rearrange your booking free of charge. We refuse entry if you show symptoms on arrival.


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