Why you definitely need to take your child to the library

Visiting your local library can be one of the best things you ever do for your child. Inspiring a love of reading library books gives children a free source of entertainment and stimulation for their minds which will last a lifetime. Using the local library also adds to a sense of community and helps them to feel part of the world around them. Kids who read regularly are said to do better at school and have a wider vocabulary than those who don’t. So why not make a regular habit of taking your child to the library?

Look at all these benefits children get from visiting the local library …


It’s free!  Who doesn’t love free entertainment and your child will have access to many more books than you could afford if you had to buy them all.

Regular visits to the library encourages a regular reading habit. Why not go on the same day each week and make a routine of borrowing a few books each time?

Many libraries hold a weekly storytime. Kids love being read to and it can provide a bit of structure to the week for toddlers and pre-schoolers. It’s a great way to start very young children into the library-going habit.

Don’t forget that babies love books too. Libraries have special sections for baby books. Ask when your nearest Baby Rhymetime is. It’s not only good for baby but you might enjoy meeting some other parents with the same age children.

Libraries are the perfect solution for a rainy day and you even get to take some entertainment home with you!

Check out the Summer Reading Challenge, perfect to keep kids reading over the long summer holidays.

Libraries have a wide range of different genres and formats. Your child might surprise you by picking out something different you wouldn’t have thought of getting for them.

Take a look at the range of audio books available. A reluctant reader might enjoy listening to a story even if they wouldn’t choose to read it.

Keep an eye out for special events such as visiting authors, craft sessions and themed activities.

Older kids might enjoy some of the after school sessions that are on offer such as coding clubs, reading groups and homework clubs.

Happily, libraries aren’t the stuffy whispered places they used to be but they still provide a calm environment which might be just what your child needs.

Remember it’s not all about books, there are DVDs, computers, free WiFi and support for the visually impaired.

Letting your child have their own library card makes them feel very grown up and responsible.

Librarians are fabulous! If you’re not  really sure what to do or where to start, ask a librarian! They’re full of helpful tips and suggestions for you and your child to make the most of your local library.


If you’ re interested in encouraging your child to read, take a look at our blog on how to get kids reading.


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