Easy world book day outfits  – Because it’s about reading not sewing or money

World Book Day this year is on 5th March 2020


We all know that World Book Day is a wonderful thing. It encourages children to read by firing up their imaginations, they have fun dressing up as their favourite fictional character and they even get a World Book Day token to spend on a book.

So it’s sad that World Book Day strikes fear into the hearts of many parents because they feel have to make the best costume!

World Book Day isn’t a parenting, sewing or dressing up competition, it’s about inspiring kids to read. So wave goodbye to your guilt and competitive streak. Don’t spend money on outfits, spend it on books!

If you are brilliant at making costumes then that’s wonderful, but if you are a World Book Day cheat who can’t sew and doesn’t want to spend a fortune,  here are some very easy ideas for children’s book character costumes you can put together at home (even last minute!) using clothes and items you already have.

Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs

You just need a pair of jeans, a yellow teeshirt, a bucket and some toy dinosaurs (or a picture of dinosaurs).

Angelina Ballerina

If you have a little ballerina with a pink tutu, just add whiskers with eyeliner or face paint. (Pink mouse ears are an optional extra.) Or, if that’s too complicated, it could be “Ballet Shoes”.

Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Any slightly shabby clothes and a large bar of chocolate (real or cardboard) with a yellow or gold piece of paper sticking out of it saying “golden ticket”.


Blue dress, ribbon in hair and carry a book.

Clarice Bean

White top and a red pinafore dress.

George’s Marvellous Medicine

All you need is jeans, a red top and a plastic bottle with a label stuck to it saying “George’s Marvellous Medicine”.

Oliver Twist

Any brown/drab clothing, maybe a pair of trousers that are now too short and a cap or a neckerchief/scarf if you have one. Add dirt and a bowl “Please Sir, I want some more”.

Tracy Beaker

Stripy top/rugby shirt, plait hair overnight so it goes wavy and put into two bunches. Have attitude!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Black shorts, white teeshirt, rucksack.

Still stuck?

Does you child have any sort of dressing up outfit? Think of a character that fits. So if your child has a fairy outfit they could be Tinkerbell or a Rainbow Fairy. If they have a firefighter outfit they could be Fireman Sam or Penny Morris.

Take the book!

If your child is carrying the book it will make it a lot more obvious who they are supposed to be!


World Book Day isn’t really about dressing up, it’s about encouraging children to read. Here are a few simple tips to get children reading and some reasons why you definitely need to take your child to the library.

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